So, I needed to set up a Weebly account to make a website to show all the important things I believe would make me more marketable. The first question I was wondering is what the heck a “Weebly” is? Weebly is an online service that allows to build you own professional webpage. I made a WordPress account before this, and main difference I see between the two is that Weebly uses click and drag actions to build a page while WordPress is a lot more technical in way you make content.


Now, are you ready for step by step instructions on to get started Weebly. I will let you in on the secret techniques passed on by generation to generation, father to son (or mother to daughter). Are you ready?

Step 1. Sign Up using your email

Step 2. Pick a theme.

Step 3 Make domain name

And you’re done. If could guess it yet, starting Weebly is easier than making breakfast in the morning. The straight forward and easy way for setting up a website is great for anyone who is trying to advertise themselves. The background I choose is called James Coleman – Superset, because when I looked it I thought of all times I go to the movies. It has a “cinematic” feel to me. If you want to see what other backgrounds they have, check out this link: ( ) I look forward to exploring the tools this sit has to offer and star making my portfolio. You can check out Weelby at


One thought on “Frist Time Using Weebly

  1. Weebly was difficult for me to figure out. Setting it up was easy, but the design part is hard. I can’t seem to get it how I want it. I’m looking forward to seeing your website presentation in class.


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