For this week, our class was given two readings on how to write better blogs. While both links covered the same subject, there were slight differences in each post. They were interesting reads for anyone who is considering starting blog, or taking a class about web design. So, this is what I got from the posts.


The first article I read was in this link. ( ) The tips that I took the most to heart was being relatable to your audience. I normally don’t think I have a hard time doing connecting, but I learned during my time in college that the things I say to my friends may be taken out of context if I would say them to a Stanger. It’s important if you use some sort of jargon that you give a proper explanation of what it means.


The next link is also very informative. ( For me, this post reinforces the importance of making an outline and making sure your post is enjoyable to read. We all read something before and thought to ourselves,” I’d rather be pulling my own teeth out then read this.” Its impotent to be invested in what your writing so that you do not bore your audience. It also important to plan your writing. Having a little outline helps so that you don’t just ramble on and on.  We all learn this at some when we had to write English papers and it’s just as important here.


Knowing how to properly write a blog would be a useful skill in the field of digital cinema and television. I will be able to market my skills to any potential employers and maybe develop a archive for my work. My hopes are to develop the necessary skills to run a both professional and interesting blog.


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