Tips and Tricks to making Pages

For this week in are web design class, our lesson was on how to effectively plan and set up pages on your website. At first, I thought that this would be easy assignment. However, after reviewing the lesson, it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. I develop a respect for websites that are effectively designed.  Here a few things I learned as well as a prototype version of my home page.

I think some the best tips I learned came from this website. ( ) One of the things I learned is to make sure the purpose of your webpages is easy to understand. If someone did not go the homepage but rather on another page on your website, can the viewer still understand it?  It’s impotent to put enough information on the page to the viewer can understand what except from your page and your website. Another tip to keep in mind is make sure all your content is organized with pages and subpages. It’s important not to overload the viewer with too much information on one page, so making subcategories on your website helps the viewer navigate through your website. The article expressed the importance of making sure that your pages show some personality in the About Page. When making you’re About Page, try to make it interesting and unique to separate your website from the rest. I have Weebly website, and this video is great tutorial on how to add pages using the service. ( ) It’s a very simple walkthrough of what you can do with pages on Weebly.  The last video had a very good tip for those trying to add flare to their webpage. ( ) The trick is not to add to much flash as video put it because adding to many elements to a page would distract anyone who came to your page. Now the last thing I leave you with is a sketch of my home page. A few things to keep in mind, the reason I have the name of my home page Film Knight/ Lampshade productions is because I may change the name of my website. I wanted to have a post history to that anyone looking for a pervious post they can look though the list and find what they’re looking for. I also wanted to keep a blog where give updates on what I am doing. I hope I will be able to improve on this design in the future.



One thought on “Tips and Tricks to making Pages

  1. Great post, Andrew! I also took into consideration adding subpages to my website. I added a few subpages after viewing this week’s materials. I definitely agree that putting too much on one page can overwhelm the senses.


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