Making the Site for Everyone

One of the most important things that your website needs to be as accessible as possible. You must consider people with disabilities when designing a website. If someone is color blind, how will they know what color of your painting you’ve posted? What if someone with epilepsy goes on the homepage of your website that has a whole bunch of flashy animations? How will someone who is blind read your pages? Luckily, I was not the only one who has had to think about this and they are some great resources.


For color blindness, my resource for research and examples come from this site. ( ) This website has great examples of both good and bad ways of accommodating for colorblindness. One of the best examples I like is the iPhone puzzle game Trainyard, where you would normally match the colors for the train cars, they instead use the first letter for of the color when set to for colorblindness. It is very simple way to help people with colorblindness.


            It important to make sure that your website is not going to give someone with epilepsy a problem. That why you should make if have anything they flashes, it should be no more than three times. You should also avoid rapid flashes as much as possible. You can see other tips in making your website accommodating to people with epilepsy here. ( ).


One thing that is important to me is people with hand motor control issues. It’s briefly discussed in this video. ( ) The way I would help people with hand motor problems is by designing my website in a way that use the directional keys to navigate the site. Have any ideas, leave a comment down below.


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