Why I like Visual Media

So, for my first personal post I wanted to talk about something that I thought would be fun, why I like visuals media. I watched movies for since as wee lad, I love to act out scenes form the movie and pretend I was in the film. I want to be part of some sort of visual media production one day which is why I am majoring in Communication with a focus on Digital Cinema in T.V. I wanted to talk about the reasons I love movies, television, and other forms visuals medias as well some of my favorites from each.

            The first reason I like visuals media is for the story’s they tell. I thought the way movies and television told stories was more interesting then reading a book. I enjoyed seeing what was happening on the screen and tried to some the crazy stuff I saw. Star Wars is my favorite film franchise, I can watch those movies repeatedly and still enjoy them. And yes, I’m also talking about the prequels.  I also loved animation of any kind, grew up on stuff like the Looney Toons, Sponge Bob, Pokémon, and Samurai Jack. When I got older, I begin to watch different types of films and shows that inspired me to try to get in this field somehow. Here’s a list of a few on my favorite movies, shows, etc.

Favorite movie: Star Wars

Favorite T.V: Game of Thrones

Favorite Cartoon: Avatar the Last Airbender

Favorite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This list is not all my favorite things but this would long list if I listed them all. You might have noticed that I like fantasy a lot. What some of your favorite shows or movies to watch. Leave a comment down below.


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