Using Video for your Website

You don’t have to only use text on your homepage to show what your service provides. If you have the right tools and the editing skills, you can make a video that highlights the features of your website. An intro video is great for a visitor to get a good understanding of your website. In my case, its epically useful. I’m aiming for a career in video editing, and making use of videos on my site would be greatly beneficial. It would be a great way to promote myself with my work. I learned a few things form this week’s lesson. I liked the video about the 3-point lighting technique. ( ) It was something I was familiar with but never knew the specifics of it. I can use when I think of how I’m going using lighting in my videos. I also liked the video about what software to use when editing a video. ( ) I am the most familiar with I Movie and Adobe Premiere form high school. I would like to learn how to use Adobe Premiere because it’s an industry standard. I want to begin practicing with gameplay I capture and make some sort of completion or add some commentary. Which brings be to another video in are lesson which deals with mics. ( ). I do not know a lot about the different types of mics available to for video recording. I now can look at the different types of mics and deiced which one is best for my purposes. 


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