Setting up Email Filters

The lesson this week was how to make and use Email effectively for your website and business. One of the tasks of the module was to make a filer for in our email. There are step by step instructions on how to set filters on Gmail in this link. ( It was pretty easy, click on the arrow on the search bar on the top of your email. Then put the criteria you want for your filter. For my case I made a filter for my Web Design class. In the “From” section, I put my instructors email and for the “Has the words” section I put in CA260. Once you filled all the of your criteria you click on “Create filter with this search”. Now any email I get form my instructor, it will be filtered in the a separate folder. This is not just useful for classes. If I had a business partner, I could create a filter for my partner so I don’t loss track of any important emails. The lesson also required for us to come up with a example of writing email to our teacher if we could not come to class. I had turned to this link for help.(–cms-20939) This is how I word my email.

Hello, this is Andrew. I just wanted to let you I will have to leave class 30 minutes early. I have a doctors appointment I have to go that day and I could not reschedule. Please let me know if you need me to work on anything early before class.

Many thanks, Andrew Presley.


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