Which CMS Should You Start With

This week’s module is on which CMS is best suited for you. I will give my personal recommendation based on the readings were given for this weeks lesson and my own experience. So, what does CMS stand for and what does it mean? CMS is short for content management systems which are allows you to create and run a website without technical knowledge on how to code. So, you don’t have to be a computer science major to make your own website, brilliant. But now you must decide on which CMS to use.

They are three different CMS’s that we discussed in this week’s lesson; Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Information on each CMS can be found in though these links.







Each CMS has its own differences between each other, but a there are also very similar to each other. I believe that which one you use will untimely come done to preference, my suggestion if you’re just starting out would be to go with WordPress. The mean reason is that WordPress takes care a lot of startup process when you make your account. You make your website’s address, and pick a theme at the beginning. Adding posts and pages are simple, located on the left side in your website manager. Updating is a page to add information or to fix a mistake is fast and can be done on any device that supports web access. I may be a little bias since I’ve started out with WordPress but I find this one easiest systems to use and I would recommend to anyone who wants to try out running a website.


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