Do You even Code Bro?

Getting into web design is an intimidating thing at first, particularly the coding aspect of it. For someone who has never coded in their life, coding looks like a mesh mash of numbers and letters. But like everything, it is a skill that can be learned and there are several different websites you can go to learn these skills. A link was provided this week for the many different websites that teach coding skills( ). Know which is best is dependent on you and if you want to get in depth or just enough to get started running a website. Personally, I would go to the free services such as Don’t Fear the Internet, Codecademy, and Mozilla School of Webcraft. Try out the free learning tools and then decide if you want to invest the time and, more importantly, the money.


            Another topic for the lesson was the topic of online classes and their variability as a teaching tool. The article we read was on MOOC’s (massive open online courses) and how it was used in other university’s( ). I think online teaching will become a great tool as the future progresses. I however learn better from going to class and interacting with students and instructors. I also feel that it’s easier to put off and forget work for online class then it is for a set-in class. It a commitment to show up for class and do the work where I would fell less so in an online class setting. However, everyone has their preferences and my may change as time goes on.


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