Privacy and Security in the Internet

This week’s lesson had to with privacy and security on the internet and how it effects our lives.This is always a huge topic of controversy, it is involved in almost every aspect of our life. Security is always a concern since most of our information, both financial and personal, are stored online. Privacy is also a huge concern, since it is something we all value to varying degrees. I think that we all like a little bit of privacy, you may not want people to know where you go on Saturdays. However, potential employees may want to know what you doing on Saturdays to make sure that they don’t hire someone doing something illegal or seen as immoral to the company they represent. Companies have many outlets to access to your personal information, at least the information you posted on the internet. And their will look you up and whatever information you have put online will be seen by the company. As someone majoring in communication this is important knowledge to have. Knowing what I post can be seen make more vigilante of what I post online, for example it would probably be best I don’t post that picture of me being crazy at the party. As far as my personal stance on this issue, I side to with people who want to keep private certain things. However, I would say if you want to keep something private, don’t post it online. There was a interesting video we watched for this week by Alessandro Acquisti on Ted ( ). At the end of the video it asked a interesting question of choosing privacy or freedom, and this is something both sides of the argument should consider.


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