Domain Names and Services

So, this week’s lesson had to do with domain names and domain services. An important thing to consider when you want to run a website is if you decide to buy a domain name. Having a domain name will increase your presence on the internet, and it make it easier to find your webpage. A small business can greatly benefit by having a domain name because makes website look professional, because the domain says that your confident enough in your service to pay for a domain. So how much would a domain cost?


            To find out how much a domain name would cost, you can go to specific search engines are design to search for domain names. For example, I searched for two different domain names; and I searched them both though this link ( ). Both Domains names were not being used cost $12.99 to use. So, the question becomes would I buy a domain name. I think if I would if I planned to seriously run a website but only if was going to be committed. Liked I said earlier, it’s important for small business to submits its place with the use of a domain name. But what about a hosting service, would you pay for service or make use of a free one like WordPress or Weebly. I the route I would take is too use the free serve first and then see if you get traction on your website then invest in domain. This way you can see you can have a following but also if you decide that you don’t want to run website, you didn’t lose any money.


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