Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our week’s lesson had to do with the subject of search engines, more specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO refers to the practice trying to get your webpage to show up higher on the search list by narrowing down the search list. Search engine come up with results based on several criteria. The criteria are words in the page, title of the page, links on the page, words used as links, and reputation of the web page. The first two criteria, words and title, are pretty simple to understand. The other three take a require a bit of explanation. The search engines pick the most popular based on how many credible websites link your page. The more websites link to your page, the higher your reputation becomes. Word links can create association with websites and the word used to link the website. In the video for this week’s lesson ( ), it used the example of linking amazon website to word books. Now that the word books have been associated with the website, you can search books and amazon will come up as a result. Finally, there is reputation, and that is based on how much content you upload and how many quality links you have to your website.


I think the best thing I can do to take advantage of SEO is by making my tiles specific as possible. For example, someone may want to know how to write a character for a book. So maybe I title the article “How to write a good character”, instead of “How to write a good book”. Another way is to increase the number of links you get, which can be achieved by making quality content on your page. I can also get my webpage associated with a word, like the words film or special effects. For most part I think SEO does not have a lot of disadvantages, expect perhaps that website that have been around for long time have the advantage. However, I don’t think it’s impossible to take your website up there near top of the search engine list, you just have to make quality content.


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